Elizabeth (Low) Bundy Stafford died in 1858. She married first Jeremiah Bundy in 1797, and marries second on May 11, 1812, Joseph Stafford. No markers were found for either Elizabeth Stafford or Nellie Davis. They are buried in Friendswood Cemetery.

Friendswood Cemetery contins stones that are hand lettered or fieldstones. Almost all are toppled or buried in the ground. Several stones were bug out of the dirt, and it is possible there may be more markers buried below the surface. Access to the cemetery is difficult. It is necessary to go through a pasture, under a barbed wire fence, and then climb to the top of a high hill. There under some low hanging trees is the old Friendswood Cemetery.

The name was originally "Baraboo Monthly Meeting," probably becaues the Post Office was in Baraboo, the area was in the town of Baraboo, and they did settle in the Baraboo Valley. The name was soon changed to Ironton Monthly Meeting as the Post Office was established in Ironton. Friends Meeting wasa never actually held in Baraboo or Ironton. Now Friends families all belong to the Valton church.

*(Jabez Brown Twins, by Melissa and Valeria Brown, appears in the Wisconsin Magazine of History, Sept. 1946, pages 39-58 and Dec. 1946, pages 198-224.)

BATES : Oren E. d. Jan. 6, 1860, age 2y, 8m, 27d
Phebe A. d. June 16, 1863, age 19y, 1m, 22d, dau. of J.T. and J.

COOK : E. A. 1856 (Emily Alice Cook)
S. (no dates)

DAVIS : E. d. July 15, 1859, age 63y 8m 24d, s/o J.E. and C.A.
Martha J. d. Aug.10, 1866, age 8y 8m 19d, dau./o S. and N.

DENNIS : J. d. Aug. 10, 18601 age 61y 7m 8d
M. d. Mar. 7, 1856, age 51y 11m 26d

MANN : C. L. July 23, 1861
Freddie R. July 29, 1873, age 8m 21d, s/o J.H. and A.L.
Hellene 1863
Jesse Jan. 30, 1788-Feb. 17, 1862, age 74y
W. 1861, age 1y

PICKERING : Enos d. Nov. 5, 1865, age 23y 4m 24d
J.D. August 18, 1861
Minnie A. d. Aug.13, 1866, age 3y 1m 14d, dau./o W. and H.

(PICKERING) : (Ellen Bunker, wife of Enos, m(2) Apr. 14, 1866, Robert Nelson TABOR; Ellen is not buried in Friendswood.)

PRESNALL : Infant son of Emma (or Erma?)

STANLEY : M. 1855

WICKERSHAM : Grace April 6, 1862, age 3y 10m 20d (Two stones--on one we could
see only a G., dates were the same)
Warren March 30, 1862, age 2y 1m 24d
Frank Y. Aug. 5, 1866, age 2y 5m 17d

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