Carmine June Hutchens

  • Father :
  • Mother :
  • Birth date :
  • Born at : Wonewoc, Woodland twp., Sauk Co., Wisconsin
  • Married : Wesley Arnold Shore
  • Marriage date :
  • Married at :
  • Death date :
  • Buried at : Valton Cemetery, Valton, Woodland twp., Sauk Co., Wisconsin
  • Children :
    Clarita Glaye Shore
    Gordon Wesley Shore
    Neil Leon Shore
    Trudy Joyce Shore
    Jerome Arnold Shore
    Daniel Dean Shore
    Wendell Oscar Shore


    Birth-Children's certificates and Husbands death certificate.
    Marriage-Death certificate.
    Buried-Cemetery Inscriptions of Sauk Co., Wisconsin, Volume 5, page 133.
    Other-Clarita's birth certificate; Gordon's birth certificate; Neil's birth certificate; Trudy's birth certificate; Jerome's birth certificate; Daniel's birth certificate; Jerome's marriage certificate; Daniel's marriage certificate; Clarita's marriage certificate; Trudy's marriage certificate and Wesley's (husband) death certificate.

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