Ezra Harper Shore

  • Father : Josiah Shore
  • Mother : Sarah Maticha Shrive/Shreve
  • Birth date : September 27, 1860 (1859 on Tomestone)
  • Born at : Perry Co., Ohio
  • Occupation : Farmer
  • Married : Dora Elmine Stanley
  • Marriage date : October 11, 1891
  • Married at : Woodland twp., Sauk Co., Wisconsin
  • Death date : April 18, 1939
  • Buried at : Valton Cemetery, Valton, Woodland twp., Sauk Co., Wisconsin
  • Children :
    Mabel Francis Shore
    Millie Catherin Shore
    Jennie Mae Shore
    Dorothy L Shore
    Orville Shore


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    Death-Jean M. Lange; Cemetery Inscriptions of Sauk Co., Wisconsin, Volume 5.
    Buried-Cemetery Inscriptions of Sauk Co., Wisconsin, Volume 5, page 137.
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