Ivah T. Kopenheifer

  • Father :
  • Mother :
  • Birth date : 1902
  • Born at : Elroy, Wisconsin
  • Married : Amasa B. Shore
  • Marriage date :
  • Married at :
  • Death date :
  • Buried at : Valton Cemetery, Valton, Woodland twp., Sauk Co., Wisconsin.
  • Children :
    Edith Mae Shore
    Orville Earl Shore
    Elda Theresa Shore
    Alice Lodene Shore
    Charles Albert Shore


    Birth-Cemetery Inscriptions of Sauk Co., Wisconsin, Volume 5.
    Buried-Cemetery Inscriptions of Sauk Co., Wisconsin, Volume 5, page 136.
    Other-Edith's birth certificate; Orville's birth certificate; Elda's birth certificate; Alice's birth certificate; Charles birth certificate; Orville's marriage certificate; Edith's marriage certificate.

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