Notes from Chamness Death Certificate

This list was copyed from the death index at the Sauk County Court House, in Baraboo Wisconsin.

Chamness Birth date Spouse Father Mother Buried at Date of death Cause of death
Claressa Hardwick
Febuary 25, 1841
none given
John Hardwick(1)
Irene Taylor(1)
LaValle, Sauk Co., Wisconsin
January 2, 1924
Couldn't read
William Chamness
December 10, 1839
none given
William Chamness(2)
none given
LaValle, Sauk Co., Wisconsin
April 15, 1924
Broncial Phonomia
Susie Chamness
none given
William Chamness
John Thompson(3)
C. Lamb(3)
Valton, Sauk Co., Wisconsin
February 2, 1933
Carcinoma Bilary Tract

All spellings are the same as on the Index.

1). Born in the USA.
2). Born in the US.
3). Born in Indiana.

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