Mortimer Valley 1906, Valton, Wisconsin

Mortimer Valley 1906

Photo courtesy of Paul Mortimer

Here's the story: In 1906, GW Mortimer took a trip "out west," apparently searching for new prospects. He sent numerous postcards back to Daisy, who went to stay with her mother, Sadie (Thornton, Winn) All, in Ironton. Apparently he got sick or got into some kind of accident around Pueblo, Colorado. At any rate, A. L. Mortimer (must be Albert, son of Simeon) sent this postcard to him while he was convalescing in Pueblo.

On the front (mostly not included in the scan) it says, "No Place Like Home, Sept. 15, 1906. Cousin G.W. M., Will remember you to the old valley. I am at Valton. Write me if this reaches you. All are well. From, A.L. Mortimer"

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