Ephriam Bundy

From : History of Reedsburg and the Upper Baraboo Valley

By : M. E. Krug

page's 417-418.
Far down in Indiana where this colony of eastern Friends had settled at an ungiven date when the Hoosier State was the western frontier, there were tied a number of hymeneal knots, which were to result in the transformation of the wilderness of the Little Baraboo into a valley of kindship. There moved from an eastern state one Bundy family which had as its members, among others, one daughter and two sons, Martha, Ephriam, and Phenias, The name of the father is not available at this writing. It is very little, indeed, that we know of this Bundy family. Possibly the first fact to be recorded is the marriage of Martha, the daughter, to Fielder Brown, about 1820, sooner or later. Nor, is it known the place of her marriage. Suffice it to say that Fielder and Martha continued to reside in the Hoosier state until their removal to Woodland. They were the parents of three children, Mary, Charlotte, and Jabez. Mary was the wife of Solomon Cook; Charlotte was a young lady, who later, in 1856, became the wife of Nathan Pickering; Jabez, was the husband of Sarah Durflinger; and all three of the children of Fielder and Martha were to come with them to the Little Baraboo Valley.

Ephriam Bundy resided in Indiana also, until 1854. In Indiana a numerous family were born to him : Martha, married Elwood Mason; Will F. Bundy, who was an accomplished physician, a learned scholar, and poet, one of whose poems appears in this work; George, who married a daughter of Neal Davis, and eventually went to Kansas; Jabez, who married Maria Coucher first, and Margaret Stephen, second, and resided in Montana; Mary, who married Manlief Williams, son of John Williams; Eva (Mrs. Eva Berry) now of Baraboo; Myron Phenias Bundy brother of Ephriam, came hither the following year.

  • Father :
  • Mother :
  • Birth date : February 23, 1807
  • Born at :
  • Married First : Gulielma Morris
  • Marriage date :
  • Married at :
  • Married Second : Elizabeth Wissler
  • Marriage date :
  • Married at :
  • Death date : June 12, 1888
  • Buried at : Oaks Cemetery, Valton, Woodland Twp., Sauk Co., Wisconsin
  • Children with First Wife :
    Christopher Morris Bundy
    Pheriba/Pheobe Bundy
  • Children with Second Wife :
    Martha Bundy
    William F. Bundy
    George R. Bundy
    Jabez Bundy
    Mary Bundy
    Evaline Bundy


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