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Hello... I'm Sheryl Marie (Flynn) Osborn. I have been researching a family from the Villiage of Valton, Woodland Twp., Sauk County, Wisconsin. This was/is a small rual village. Many of the first families had intermarried and many of their decendents still live near this village. It's thrilling when you can walk through a cemetery and you feel as if you know everyone there. That you are somehow related to everyone there. That last statement sounds kind of strange, but those of you who have looked through records...newspapers and other records looking for a connection. You know what I mean.

Hartford Stanley Families

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Sauk Co. Cemetery Inscriptions p. 116-139
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Gilbert's History of Valton
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The Mortimer family history as found in "History of Reedsburg and the Upper Baraboo Valley" by Merton Edwin Krug.

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