The Mortimer family history as found in "History of Reedsburg and the Upper Baraboo Valley".



Possibly no family in the Upper Baraboo Valley has more members of the pioneer name than this. The first to locate in Woodland, was Mr. Simeon Mortimer, who, with his wife, immigrated from Wiltshire, England, in 1853(1). He was born in 1826, son of Michael and Mary (Rogers) Mortimer, and spent his early life in his natural country, where he married, in September, 1849, Miss Sarah Buell(2). Upon coming to Woodland they located near the present village of Valton, where they ever after resided. They had four children:

John E. Mortimer, who married Rhoda Small--had seven children--Bert, married Susan Mosang(3); Walter, deceased; Ralph, married Effie Colvin; Adolph(4), married Millie Stowe; Cimeon(5), married Nellie Hansen; Millie, married Arthur Hutchin. Other children of Simeon Mortimer were: Mary,, who married Charles Jordan; Noah, who married, first, Winnie Green and second, Anna Lyon; and Albert, who married Mary Snyder.

In 1885(6) two of Mrs. Simeon Mortimer's brothers, John and James Buell(2), came to America, and upon entering the country, had the name "Buell"(2) set aside and the name Mortimer legalized(7). Continuming on to Woodland they bought land and established themselves and their posterity in the town. In 1856 John Buell Mortimer married Phoebe Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, pioneers of the town in 1855. To them were born nine children:

Martha; Wilson, married Della Horton, daughter of Eli Horton--of whom a biographical sketch appears elswhere in this volume; Mary (Mrs. Harvey), California--her children are Caleb, Lennie (deceased), Mannie and Della Harvey; Maria (deceased); Charles (deceased); Edward, of California--his childern are Gladys (deceased); Vern, Clair, Dorothy; Abe, South Dakota; May (deceased).

James Buell Mortimer married, first, Margaret O'Toole and second, Malinda Wolderman(8), and had twelve children:

George Washington--his children are Margaret, Marion, Stanley, Herbert and Helen; Sarah (Mrs. Ballentine)--her childern are George, William, Paul B. and Mary Ballentine; Mary (Mrs. Becker)--her children are Mortimer and Lois Becker; Maggie, married Mr. Wheeler--her children are Max, Esther and Grace Wheeler; Lizzie(deceased); Nathan--children, Hollis and Doris Mortimer; James--sons, Gilbert, Virgil, Wayne; Frank--son, Avard; Ruth (Mrs. Theus)(9)--childern, James, George, Robert, and Theodore; Tillie (Mrs. Jackson)--children, Arland, Thelma, Wilma, Gale; Glen--children, Maurice, Jerome, Verna, Vivian and Marcella; Tressa (Mrs. Leatherbery)(10)--children, Clifford, Arlene, Bonard, Ives.

In 1863 a third brother of Mrs. Simeon Mortimer, Samuel Buell(2) Mortimer, came to America from England, and he, too, adopted the name of Mortimer. He brought his wife with him, and her maiden name was Selina Chapman. They likewise located in Woodland, and were the parents of nine children, as follows:

Sarah (Mrs. Lawhorns), who was born in England--has two sons, Clarence and Ray; Mary, who married Mr. Bradley, and had two children, George and Mable; Ella (Mrs. Bridge)--children, Ray, Russell, Everett and Grace; William--children, Cecil, Clinton (deceased), Roy and Thelma; Martha (Mrs. Jones)--her children are Floyd, Amos, Lyle (decesed), Evelyn and Ardith; Fred--one son, Lee; David--has four children, Oliver, Adelbert(11), Hartzel, Willis; Lester--his children are Jennie, Everett, Harold, Gracie, Clinton and Gerald; Bessie (deceased).

This simple chronicle, incomplete though it is, is printed here, that it may aid in perserving a history of this great family for generations to come, and commemorate the achievemente of its founders, Simeon, John, James and Samuel Mortimer.

(1). This date may not be correct. I found that there son John E. Mortimer was born in 1852 in Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.
(2). Throughtout this history the name Buell was used I believe this the spelling should have been Bull. Have found other doucuments with the Bull spelling including Wills, Land Records and Declaration of intent.
(3). Spelling of last name in Mosing on marriage certificate.
(4). Found the spelling Dolph on birth, marriage and death certificates.
(5). Found the spelling Simeon on childrens birth certificates, and Sim on his own marriage certificate.
(6). This date should be at least 1859 since James daughter, Margaret, was born in May of that year. Also James, wife Margaret, and daughter Margaret are on the 1860 Federal Census of the Town of Merton in Waukesha County in Wisconsin.
(7). See John's letter to his father.
(8). On all other documents her name is spelled Holderman.
(9). Found spelling Thews on all other certificates.
(10). Found spelling Leatherberry on all other certificates.
(11). Found spelling Delbert on all other certificates.

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