Wilson William Mortimer

History of Reedsburg and the Upper Baraboo Valley, By Merton E. Krug, Pages 474-475

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Mortimer. Mr. Wilson Mortimer, farmer of the town of Woodland, was born March 31, 1860, in that township, his parents being John Buell and Phoebe (Smith) Mortimer. His father, John Buell was a native of Lincolnshire, England, born March 29, 1828. Upon coming to America in 1855, he took the name of a married sister, Mrs. Simeon Mortimer, and with due process, had the name legalized, and was afterward know only by that name. After a short time spent in Oconomowoc, Wis., he came to Woodland, where he settled on the farm now owned by Dolph Mortimer. He married about 1856, Phoebe Smith. This lady was born April 10, 1832, a native of Ohio, and came to Woodland with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, about 1855. John Buell Mortimer died May 26, 1891; his wife, in May 1915. Our subject grew to manhood on his father's farm, and at the age of twenty-one, began for himself, clerking four years in a store in Valton, after which he opened up a hardware store in that place. This he ran until 1893, when he sold his stock and opened a general store, which he continued until 1911. Since then he has lived on his present farm which he bought of Mr. David Miller. On Nov. 2, 1889, he married Miss Dell Horton. She was born Feb. 1, 1873, also a native of Woodland. Daughter of Eli Davidson and Ann Eliza (Sherman) Horton. The father was born in Oswego, N.Y., Nov. 27, 1834, son of Gurden and Lucy (Davidson) Horton, and was a lineal descendant of Barnabas Horton, an English immigrant who came to Americia buring the early 1600's. Eli Horton, at an early age, entered the Oneida Community, which was a Shaker Sect, of nineteen, in 1853, he came to Fort Atkinson, where he married, March 28, 1858, Ann Eliza Sherman. She was born April 7, 1838, in Oswego, N. Y., daughter of Leonard and Anne (Whitford) Sherman. On Aug. 15, 1862. Eli Horton enlisted in the Union Army; was wonded June 10, 1864, at Burnt Hickory, Ga.; and mustered out April 8, 1865. Coming to Woodland in 1867, they ever after resided there. He died Feb. 8, 1917; his wife, May 3, 1908. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Mortimer have three children: Spencer, born May 20, 1891; married Elizabeth Rosenberger, Sept. 15, 1917. She died April 6, 1928, leaving one son, Jack, born Sept. 5, 1918. Gurden, born March 10, 1894; married Athena Cooley, Oct. 9, 1917; two children, Eugene, born Nov. 7, 1918, and Clytice, born June 29, 1920. Lucy, born March 18, 1903; married July 2, 1927, Jack Balch.

  • Father : John (Bull) Mortimer
  • Mother : Phoebe A. Smith
  • Birth date : March 31, 1860
  • Born at : Woodland twp., Sauk Co., Wisisconsin
  • Occupation : Hardwear Merchant
  • Married : Della Horton
  • Marriage date : November 2, 1889
  • Married at : Valton, Woodland twp., Sauk Co., Wisconsin
  • Death date : February 5, 1936
  • Cause of death : Hemmalldgia
  • Buried at : Valton Cemetery, Valton, Woodland twp., Sauk Co., Wisconsin
  • Children :
    Franklin Spencer Mortimer
    Lucy Beryl Mortimer
    Gurden Mortimer


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    1916 Mortimer Family Reunion.

    For more information please see Doug Russell's page.

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