History of Valton

Written by
Gilbert Mortimer

Trandscribed by
Sheryl Marie (Flynn) Osborn


In the summer if 1949 I was impressed with the idea that something should be to preserve the memories of the early days at Valton so that the present and the future generations would have an account of the happenings that took place from the time Valton was in its youth till the present time. It is timely that a account should be written because Valton will soon come to the century mark and might want to remember the hundredth year of its existence by celebrating the anniversary.

I regret that this record was not begun sooner. Several who might have been able to help to add to this account passed away before they could be contracted. Quite a bit has been lost in the last ten years due to the passing of some of the older settlers. Those who are yet here with us only remember a few of the many things that should be told.

However, I am grateful to those who were able to give me information on many things which are mentioned in this history. Those who have been of greatest help are, Henry Holderman, Annie Thompson, Ida Mortimer, Emma (Bedell) Compton, Roy Carpenter, Dr. Slacks two daughters, Dolph Mortimer, Jennie Reid Clausen, Mae Markee, Della Mortimer, Anna Mortimer and Edna Hutchens.

Other sources of material are as follows
Diaries and notes of Hattie Smith,
History of Sauk County:1880 (owed by Dolph Mortimer),
Articles published in the Reedsburg Free Press History of the Jabez Brown family as written for the State Historical Journal Badger History (April 1951),
"The valley called Valton" written by the Valton school pupils,
History of the Upper Baraboo Valley by Merton Krug,
Letter written by John Mortimer to his father in England in 1861,
Woodland tax rolls of 1874 and 1876 Valton school records from 1867.

If you discover errors in the facts as mentioned in this history the writer would appreciate it if you would drop him a card or letter to 450 Vine St. Eau Claire Wis. Please mention the mistake and tell what the true thing should be. Also add anything that has been left out. In putting out this history, I hope to get a better account of the truth by your help. When your replies are all in, I can make up extra pages to be added to this account.

Gilbert Mortimer

Please note this was written many years ago and Gilbert has left this earth for an another adventure.

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