Table of Contents

Please note: The chapters are not arranged in logical order. I wrote then up as the information became available and had already numbered the pages so it was impossible to change the order of the pages. If enough people would like to have this book, I can afford to make all necessary changes to make it worth owning. If other facts come to you as you read this history please write to me about it. I don't want to stop looking for more about Valton just because I have finished this History. If a book should be published in honor of Valton's first 100 years. It will be more complete because you have had a part in making it so.

Table of contents
IntroductionPage 1
Important datesPage 3
Settlements before ValtonPage 4
Making a livingPage 5
Getting a educationPage 6
Worshipping God Part 1Page 7
Worshipping God Part 2Page 8
Worshipping God Part 3Page 9
Worshipping God Part 4Page 10
Worshipping God Part 5Page 11
Valton in warPage 12
People we should rememberPage 13
The coming of Modern InventionsPage 14
A picture of early ValtonPage 15
Working togetherPage 16
Special mentionPage 17
Additions and correctionsPage 18

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