Elaine Marjorie Nelson

  • Father : Raymond Jesse Nelson
  • Mother : Eldah Correll
  • Birth date : April 14, 1929
  • Born at : Ruby Twp., Chippewa Co., Wisconsin
  • Married : Leland Sherwood Mortimer
  • Marriage date : April 24, 1953
  • Married at : Full Gospel Tab, Rusk Co., Sheldon, Wisconsin
  • Death date : October 16, 1994
  • Buried at : Woodlawn Cemetary, Rusk Co., Sheldon, Wisconsin
  • Children :
    LaVonne Rose Mortimer
    Charlene Joy Mortimer
    Melvin Hollis Mortimer
    Gerald Ray Mortimer


    Birth-Charlene Allen and Social Security Death Index.
    Marriage-Charlene Allen.
    Death-Charlene Allen and Social Security Death Index.
    Buried-Charlene Allen.
    Other-Charlene Allen.

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