Eli Mortimer

  • Father : Samuel Mortimer
  • Mother : Lydia Wakely
  • Birth date : 1830
  • Born at :
  • Baptized : February 11, 1849-Broughton-Gifford Parish Church, Wiltshire County, England
  • Married : Elizabeth Bigwood
  • Marriage date : April 25, 1852
  • Married at : Bradford on Avon Parish Church, England
  • Death date :
  • Buried at :
  • Children :
    Albert Mortimer
    Frederick Mortimer b cDecember 1854 Broughton Gifford, England m Eva ?
    Samuel Mortimer b and d cDecember 1856
    Harriet Mortimer
    Ruth Mortimer b 1862 Broughton Gifford, England
    Frank Mortimer b cSeptember 1864 or December 1863 Broughton Gifford, England, d March 16, 1882(18)?
    Harry Mortimer b 1867 Trowbridge, England
    Samuel Mortimer


    Birth-Tony McCabe and Christine (Mortimer) Corkett.
    Baptized-Broughton-Gifford Parish Church Records (from Tony McCabe).
    Marriage-Tony McCabe.
    Other-Tony McCabe and Christine (Mortimer) Corkett.

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