Joseph Mortimer

  • Father : Harry Mortimer
  • Mother : Lucia Cole
  • Birth date :
  • Baptized : September 26, 1802
  • Born at : Broughton-Gifford, Wiltshire County, England
  • Marriage date : March 31, 1823
  • Married : Mary Gore
  • Married at : Broughton-Gifford, Wiltshire County, England
  • Buried date : April 29, 1851
  • Cause of death :
  • Buried at : Broughton-Gifford, Baptist Church, Wiltshire County, England
  • Children :
    Hannah Mortimer b 1823
    Jemima Mortimer
    Ann Mortimer b 1829
    William Cole Mortimer
    Amelia Mortimer b c1835
    Henry Mortimer
    Ann Sarah Mortimer b c1841
    Thomas Mortimer b c1844


    Birth-Broughton-Gifford, Wiltshire County, England (Tony McCabe).
    Marriage-Broughton-Gifford, Wiltshire County, England (Tony McCabe).
    Death-Broughton-Gifford, Wiltshire County, England (Tony McCabe).
    Buried-Tony McCabe.
    Other-Tony McCabe.

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