Michael Mortimer

  • Father : William Mortimer
  • Mother : Mary Redman
  • Birth date :
  • Born at :
  • Baptized First : August 23, 1789-Broughton-Gifford Parish Church, Wiltshire County, England
  • Baptized Second : August 9, 1818-Broughton-Gifford Baptist Church, Wiltshire County, England
  • Occupation : Weaver
  • Married : Mary Rogers
  • Marriage date : October 29, 1821
  • Married at : Broughton-Gifford Parish Church, Wiltshire County, England
  • Buried date : March 27, 1867
  • Buried at : Broughton-Gifford Baptist Church, Wiltshire County, England
  • Children :
    Jacob Mortimer
    Mitilda Mortimer
    Emmanuel Mortimer
    Simeon Mortimer
    Ellen Mortimer
    Nathaniel Mortimer
    William Jesse Mortimer


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    Buried-Broughton-Gifford Baptist Chapel Records (Tony McCabe).
    Other-Simeon's death certificate; History of Sauk County Wisconsin Illustrated 1880, page 732 and History of Valton by Gilbert Mortimer page 13.

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