Notes from Shore Death Certificate's

This list was compiled from the death certificate's of the Shore family from Sauk Co., Wisconsin.

Shore Birth date Spouse Birth Place Father Mother Buired at Date of death Cause of death
none given
none given
none given
none given
none given
July 14, 1881
Sun Stroke
Josiah(1, 2)
July 28, 1817
Sarah Shores
none given
none given
none given
Valton Cemetery
October 24, 1889
Heart Disease
Tarry Willard
March 20, 1871
none given
New Lexington, Perry Co., Ohio
William J. Shore(3)
Amelissa A. ?(4)
Valton Cemetery
February 28, 1898
Brmchetris (2 Years)
April 28, 1907
none given
William Shore(5)
Sally Ann Shore(6)
Valton Cemetery
April 29, 1907
Internal Hemorrage
May 20, 1913
none given
none given
Ezra Shore
Dora Stanley
Valton Cemetery
May 23, 1913
Unclosed for Azneer Oracr
December 18, 1902
none given
none given
William Shore(7)
Anna Stelback(8)
Valton Cemetery
February 25, 1919
Wm. J.
January 1, 1845
Anna Shore
Jossiah Shore(9)
Sarah Shrive(9)
Valton Cemetery
December 23, 1928
Sally Ann
June 16, 1864
none given
Henry Stelback(10)
Francis Bugler(11)
Valton Cemetery
August 28, 1930
Clerosis Ulceration Calitis
John Harvey
June 7, 1857
Ella Davis
Josiah Shore
? Shrieves
Valton Cemetery
June 27, 1933
Old age, Paraliyis-Heart Prostration
August 3, 1899
none given
Oscar Shore(12)
Minnie Shafer(12)
Valton Cemetery
May 7, 1934
Cancer of Stomach and Liver
Alice Almire
August 24, 1863
Albert Shore
New York
Amasa Lyon(13)
Caroline Davis(13)
Valton Cemetery
January 22, 1942
Strangulated RT inguinal Hernia
June 20, 1876
Frederick Shaeffer
none given
Valton Cemetery
May 18, 1957
Cerebral Thromboses
Wesley Arnold(14)
August 25, 1910
Carmen Shore
Oscar Shore
Minnie Schaefer
Valton Cemetery
August 13, 1966
Myocardial infarction
June 30, 1910
never married
none given
William Shore
Sally Selback
Valton Cemetery
December 11, 1972
Archie B.(15)
July 23, 1902
Iva Beier
none given
Oscar Shore
Minnie Schafer
Valton Cemetery
May 12, 1983
Cerbral infarction
Iva Gwendolyn
March 28, 1903
none given
none given
Frank J. Beier
Nellie Robinson
Valton Cemetery
October 11, 1995
Can't read

All spellings are the same as on the cerificate.

(1). Lived in Woodland twp., Sauk County, Wisconsin.
(2). He was a Farmer and a Teacher.
(3). He was born in New Lexington, Perry Co., Ohio.
(4). She was born in Bloomfield, Pickney Co., Ohio.
(5). He was born in Ohio.
(6). She was born in Wisconsin.
(7). He was born in Ohio.
(8). She was born in Wisconsin.
(9). Both were born in Ohio.
(10). He was born in Germany.
(11). She was born in New York.
(12). Both were both in Wisconsin.
(13). Both born in New York.
(14). He was a Carpenter.
(15). He was a Dairy Farmer and lived in Woodland, Sauk Co., Wisconsin.

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