Notes from Stanley Death Certificates

This list was compiled from the death certificates of the Stanley family living in Sauk Co., Wisconsin.

Stanley Birth date Spouse Birth Place Father Mother Buired at Date of death Cause of death
Daniel C.
September 6, 1879
Never married
Baraboo, Sauk Co., Wisconsin
William Stanley
Baraboo Cemetery
November 4, 1879
Putussis with ? (Hard to read)
February 18, 1831
Camamdarigua, New York
W. D. Stanley
Maria C. ?
Baraboo Cemetery
March 30, 1898
La Griffe ? (Hard to read)
Catharin Jane
August 24, 1841
Elkanah Stanley
J. L. Wright
Jermma ?(2)
Valton Cemetery
March 31, 1901
Organic Heart diesase
Flora Lucretia
October 5, 1865
W. D. Stanley
None given
Rev. John Lawson(3)
Lucretia Chapel
Baraboo Cemetery
April 7, 1901
Delphine Nye
March 29, 1870
None given
Edwin Nye(4)
Abby Taylor
Reedsburg Cemetery
January 8, 1911
Found dead beside bed, partly dressed. Had epilipit fits.
June 5, 1835
None given
New York
W.M. Gordon(5)
None given(5)
Delton Cemetery
January 23, 1915
Old age
Louise A.
September 16, 1834
William Stanley
New York
Hubert Huntington
Amanda Steele
Baraboo Cemetery
January 21, 1924
Diarrhoera and something I can't read
April 5, 1839
James Stanley(7)
? Mills(7)
Valton Cemetery
March 14, 1925
Chronic Interstinal Nephritis
May 31, 1859
Charllot M. Austin
Charles Stanley(9)
Harriet Hitchock(10)
Baraboo Cemetery
August 8, 1927
Chronic Myocardical with hypertension
January 11, 1843
Henry Stanley
Stephen Hall
December 16, 1929
Heart disease and old age
Whiting Day(11)
August 11, 1868
Maude Hamilton
Lodi, Wisconsin
Wm. Stanley(12)
Louisa Huntington(12)
Baraboo Cemetery
November 18, 1942
Carcinoma intestines and Prostrate ascitis
Maude Hamilton
November 26, 1880
W. D. Stanley
White Creek, Wisconsin
Cortland A. Hamilton(13)
Celestia Clarke(13)
Baraboo Cemetery
Debember 16, 1943
Carcinoma of Brain and Cord, and Breast Cancer, 7 years ago
April 18, 1910
Fern Luella Schultz
Alvin Stanley
Rosella Bradley
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, Wonewoc, Wisconsin
August 30, 1991
Chronic Obstructive Pulmanary Disease and Pneumonia

All spellings are the same as on the cerificate.

1. Occupation Merchant.
2. Born in VA.
3. Born in England.
4. Born in Vermont.
5. Both parents born in New York.
6. Occupation Farmer.
7. Both parents born in N. Carolina.
8. Occupation Farmer.
9. Born in New York.
10. Born in Conn.
11. Occupation Merchant.
12. Both parents born in New York.
13. Both parents born in New York.
14. Occupation Dairy farmer

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