Albert L. Osborn

Albert L. Osborn

Photo courtesy of Oshkosh Daily Nothwestern, Oshkosh, Wisconsin April 19, 1940 (Obituary)

Albert L. Osborn Weds
A well known former Oshkosh man weds a Detroit Lady.

Mr. Albert L. Osborn, son of Judge A. K. Osborn of 402 Jacksom street, and a former prominent resident of this city, is expected arrive in Oshkosh about a week from today with his bride. They will visit Mr. Osborn's parents for a brief time, and will then return to Hurley, Wis., to reside in future. Mr. Osborn wedded Miss Alice L. Wyckoff at Detroit, the home of the bride, January 10. They immediately left on a wedding trip to New York, Washington and other eastern points. At present they are in Washington, D.C. The bride is an accomplished young lady, and is quits a noted musician. Prevous to her marriage she was supervisor of music in the high school at Ironwood, across the Montreal river from Hurley. Mr. Osborn for the past ten or twelve years has been at the head of the Montreal Lumber company, and has had personal charge for the main offices of the concern at Hurley. He is vice president and general manager of the company, had had made a great sucess, building up an extensive business. He was graduated fro mthe High school in this city in 1877, and for some time following graduation was principal of the First ward school of this city. Later he studied law in the office of Charles Felker, was admitted to the bar and became associated with Mr. Felker in the law firm of Felker & Osborn. On account of a temporary failure of his eyesight, Mr. Osborn was obliged to retire, and he spent about ten months in Texas for his health. He returned improved. but decided to give up the law business. He was employed by the Paine Lumber Company, and for five years acted as agent and attorney for the company.

The Daily Nothwest, Oshkosh, Wisconsin January 20, 1900


Pioneer Oshkosh Lumberman Dies at Famous Clinic at Age of 81 Years-Had Been in Ill Health for Long Period. Funeral arrangements.

A.L. Osborn, 81 pioneer lumberman who was recognized as the dean of the lumber business of Wisconsin and Michigan, passed away this morning about 10:30 o'clock at the Mayo clinic, Rochester, Minn.

Information of his death came as a complete suprise locally, for when he left here two weeks ago he had informed friends that his visit to the clinic would be only for "a complete checkup" on his physical condition.

He had been in ailing condition since the first of the year, but this condition was attributed to his advanced age, rather than to any particular illness.

Mr. Osborn was widely known in the lumber business, and his position in the industry was reoginized in a testimonial ceremony in 1938 at Millwaukee when he was guest of honor at a program which observed his 50th anniversary in the business.


At that time he was acclaimed as a "schoolmaster, laywer, legislator and as a lumber manuacturer and merchant" whose career was intimately identified with the industrial and social development of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

He had been a foe of many of the innovations of the New Deal, and particularly during the reign of NRA, his plain and unvarnished verbiage earnestly and energetically expressed at code meetings in Washington earned him the nickname of "Cappy Ricks", remimiscent of the personality made famous in the fiction of Peter B. Kyne, author.

Albert L. Osborn was born Sept. 9, 1858, at Iola, Waupaca County. He was the son of Albert K. Osborn and Sarah Francis Chandler Osborn.

He came to Oshkosh in 1872, and attended Oshkosh High school. He was gradated in 1877.

He was school teacher during winter months, in the years from1877 to 1880, and was at one time principal of the First ward school here, now known as the Lincoln school.


Mr. Osborn was a former member of the National Guard, but he considered his military record a blank. "I never had an itch to kill anyone." he commented philosophically.

Regarding his political affiliations. Mr. Osborn once summarized his connections as follows: "I inherited my political leanings and was a Republican until the party was 'stolen' by La Follette." After that I was an orphan."

Mr. Osborn served one term in the state legislature, in the session of 1903. He was elected from Iron county.

In Oshkosh, in recent years, he served as a director in the Bureau of Family Service. He was an enthusiastic promoter of hunting and fishing projects, one of his latest affiliations being in the movement of Ducks Unlimited.

He was a director of the Wisconsin Central railway for over 13 years. He was president and director of the Medford Lumber Company of Medford and of Scott Howe Lumber Company of Ironwood, Mich., until the time those firms liquidated.

From 1891 to 1896 he was director and president of the Montreal River Lumber Company of Gile, Wis.

From 19?? to 1933, he was a director of the Northern Hemlock and Hardwood Manufacturers association, and served a term as president. For 18 years he was a director and a member of the executive committe of the National Lumber Manufacturers association. He served the Organization as vice president.

In 1911, Mr. Osborn was instrumental in the organizing of Wisconsin manufacturers in the Wisconsin Manufacturers association, and was for 18 years a director.

He read law with the late Charles W. Felker, during the period when he taught school. Mr. Osborn was admitted to the practice of law in 1881. Because of a nervous brakedown, he quite law in 1884, and began work with the Paine Lumber Company, remaining until 1890.

He settled permanently in Oshkosh in 1904, after having been away on business over a period of years. He held no active business connections here, except as a director and president of the Levisee Lumber Company.

Mr. Osborn was married in 1900 to Alice L. Wyckoff of Detroit, who survives. Other immediate survivors are two sons, Chandler Osborn of Milwaukee and Robert C. Osborn of Lakeville, Conn., and a granddaughter.

Arrangements for the funeral were not completed today, but it was planned that the body would be brought to Oshkosh for services.

Oshkosh Daily Nothwestern, Oshkosh, Wisconsin April 19, 1940

  • Father : Albert K. Osborn
  • Mother : Sarah Francis Chandler
  • Birth date : September 9, 1858
  • Born at : Iola, Waupaca County, Wisconsin
  • Occupation : Schoolmaster, Laywer, Legislator and Lumber man.
  • Married : Alice L. Wyckoff
  • Marriage date : January 10, 1900
  • Married at : Detroit, Michigan
  • Death date : April 19, 1940
  • Buried at :
  • Children :
    Chandler Osborn
    Robert Chesley Osborn


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